SANTU create full-contact, immersive experiences for adults.

You must be over the age of twenty-one and sign a waiver in order to attend any of our live events.

While we do not place ourselves among the “extreme haunt” subgenre, our experiences may feature similar elements. This may include:


Intense or aggressive physical contact

Sexualized scenes/contact & nudity

Graphic or otherwise disturbing content

Sensitive themes & subject matter

Our experiences are not always intended to be comfortable, but they are intended to be bearable.

Each participant is required to complete a Comfort & Intensity Profile to determine their comfort level and restrictions before attending.

All participants are encouraged to contact us with any specific questions or concerns before purchasing tickets to an event.

All communication with SANTU is confidential unless broken by the participant.

The Safe Word for any and all of our experiences is “AWAKE”.

Speaking the Safe Word will end your experience immediately.

If you are unable to speak, stomping your feet three times will achieve the same result.

For the comfort and safety of our performers and crew, we reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone without elaboration. Please be respectful of this decision.