Santu Deliria will waste no time indoctrinating and inculpating you into its planned naughtiness. Plain and simple: there are no niceties hiding in this space (yourself included).
— Melinda Stang, Nightmarish Conjurings
After I took time to think about it, I realized how much I absolutely loved the experience. It was a rush, a thrill, and I only wanted more.
— Shannon McGrew,
it was kinda fuckin one of the most amazing theatre experiences of my life lol
— Benjamin Berg
Enjoyed the toilet bit.
— Ralph Garman, Hollywood Babble-On
Ultimately, Santu Deliria is the closest to a physical representation of madness that I have encountered. After Alice falls into Wonderland, she is confronted by a world that embraces delirium, and she is forced to learn the rules of this new world—much like you must as well. Inductio is a world of twisted logic and shifting rules. This anxiety to understand feels urgent, yet impossible. And that, to me, is what a nightmare truly is.
— Taylor Winters,
I left with the overpoweringly beautiful and transcendent conviction that there is no God.
— Penn Jillette, Penn's Sunday School
I appreciate you guys fitting me in and it was nice to see some familiar faces there as well.
— Josh Randall, Blackout
Thanks for getting me in. Nice to see some familiar faces in there too.
— Max Zumstein, disgraced Professor of Literature
Chair not comfortable.
— James Corden, Gavin & Stacey
Oh my god oh my god oh no oh my god oh god.
— Neil deGrasse Tyson, American astrophysicist, author, and science communicator