We are a small organization who rely on donations to fund our productions.

While we endeavor to keep costs low (thereby keeping ticket prices low) this stuff is time-consuming and, moreover, bastard expensive to do.

It should be no surprise to anyone that immersive theatre is not a cost-effective venture. At all.

We take a personal loss on every event we stage.


Additionally, we are fully committed to compensating our performers for their time and energy to the best of our ability, and this consumes the majority of our budget for each production.

These are often talented performers who struggle to find fairly-paid performance work elsewhere.

We are also committed to maintaining the intimate nature of our productions, which usually means performing each show for one person at a time, focusing our energies on a small but dedicated audience. We have no intention (or desire) to expand. 

This is a model which makes no financial sense whatsoever, but is very important to us nevertheless.


Generally, if something doesn't cost much other than time and energy to produce, we will put it out there for free or near enough.

If you enjoy those things, please consider putting some of your money into us. 


If the California breeze hits you a certain way one day and reminds you of Papa, please consider throwing a coin into our little snatch.


If you were considering donating to a millionaire's crowdfunded vanity project, please consider sending it our way instead.

Thank you.