A revisit to SANTU DELIRIA's 2019 encounter.
What we remember is that she eventually disappeared, and nobody knows quite why.



This event includes a preliminary week of communication via phone and text message (optional).
The physical encounter lasts approximately 20 minutes and will be experienced alone.
While this encounter does feature limited physical contact, it will meet all current CDC guidelines regarding COVID-19. However, in the interest of audience safety, we advise those in high-risk groups (or in contact with vulnerable persons) not to attend.
A selection of relived encounters for attendees old and new, appropriately appropriating the weekend of St. Valentine's to deliver a Santurealistic message concerning Love and its failure to conquer all; especially loneliness, misery and death.
Happy Holidays.





X - XX



Each encounter lasts between 20 and 30 minutes and will be experienced alone.
A signed waiver will be required to attend each encounter.



An ever-unfolding iteration of SANTU DELIRIA's first foray into Immersive Theatre.
Suitable for those who are new and those who may have forgotten.
Your INDUCTIŌ will last approximately 25 minutes in standard time and will be undertaken alone.


Participants will be required to read and sign a waiver in order to attend any of our experiences.

SANTU DELIRIA may include extreme elements, however our intention is never to push anyone beyond their own boundaries. Participants will be encouraged to complete a short questionnaire to determine their comfort level with certain elements so that we may tailor their experience appropriately.

Each experience is rated on an intensity scale, signifying the baseline intensity one can expect:


          X     Mild intensity, gentle physicality, accessible to anyone familiar with immersive theater

        XX     Moderate intensity, aggressive physicality, some extreme elements

      XXX     High intensity, extreme physicality, not recommended for anyone unfamiliar with SANTU DELIRIA


While the intensity of an experience may be customized according to your preferences, all participants should expect full physical contact and potentially challenging scenarios or themes. The baseline intensity rating is an indicator of physicality and content, not how subjectively disturbing an experience might be.

In rare instances, we may suggest that you not attend certain experiences due to limitations you have expressed.

We encourage prospective participants to contact us with any queries prior to purchasing a ticket.



The Safe Word for all experiences is AWAKE

Should you become unable or unwilling to continue participation in an experience, you may use the Safe Word (AWAKE, out-of-sentence) to end your experience immediately. If you are unable to speak, stomping your foot three times will achieve the same result. We may also use our own judgment to determine whether it is suitable to continue.


SANTU DELIRIA has always been especially conscious of hygiene, and will follow all CDC guidelines regarding any current health scares.

Until otherwise specified, all performers will wear masks to protect both themselves and audience members. As a standard, performers will wear a new pair of nitrile gloves when suitable, disinfect any interactive props between encounters and ensure they are not unwell whilst performing.

Likewise, we politely request that participants not attend if they are currently (or have recently been) unwell. If given sufficient  notice, a full refund will be issued to participants unable to attend due to illness.


Participants may not physically interact with our performers unless clearly invited to do so.

If at any time a performer becomes uncomfortable with a participant's behavior, the performance will be stopped and the participant ejected without refund.

Participants must arrive on time. We recommend planning to arrive 15 minutes before your designated time slot, as we will not be able to accommodate latecomers for logistical reasons.

We reserve the right to refuse attendance to anyone. This is primarily in the interest of our performers' safety.

We will also refuse admission to anyone we determine to be intoxicated or otherwise impaired.